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HIGH Success rate Up to 95%, (In 2015 rate was 98%). 
in hard drive, RAID ,computer memory data recovery.
LEADER in monolithic NAND and USB flash recovery solutions.
WORLD CLASS data recovery services with hi-eng lab equipped
EXPERIENCED technicians (over 25 years).
CUSTOM tailored unique recovery cutting edge solutions.
UNIQUE recovery technologies from USA, China, Russia, and India.
SPECIAL tools and systems for criminal forensic investigations.
HIGH END tools and technology from Seagate and Western Digital plants and manufacture.
SPECIAL equipment and tools made by device manufacturers.



November  20  , 2016
     We have developed a method for extracting data from hybrid SSHD hard drives like:  SEAGATE and WD hard drive models (kahuna, grenada, lobmbard, monster,  ETC).
We can also extract data from new models Seagate more than 4TB capacity !
Now in our laboratory we using the software from company Seagate Technology LLC . and we have 10-20 % cheaper price than other data recovery services.
We can beat all prices from all data recovery services. Сheck the price of other companies and ask us. we will have cheaper price ! Guaranteed !

July 29  , 2016
   So , You do not have a time for free upgrade process for Windows 10 ? You loose chance ? Microsoft pushing you upgade windows in tight time frame ?
Do you think it is over ? You are loose you free best Windows 10 ? NO ! we still have solution how to upgrade it for FREE !  It is easy.
Press this link and microsoft will do free upgrade even after July 29 ! Now You can update your windows 7, 8, 8.1 in any time.  ( PRESS HERE )

July 25  , 2016
   With the increased flow of customers and growing our company , we are expanding our business and begin to move our laboratory in a large spacious place .
Next month (September ) we will open emergency 24/4 local walk in lab and two more receiving ( drop off location ) places in Calgary ,
plus one in Vancouver and one in Toronto .  Also some more data recovery partners in Sascachevan, Manitoba, Edmonton.
There are more contracts with new partners and will be introdusing  the most affordable prices in Canada.
We can beat the quality and price of all those involved in data recovery business.
If someone could not help fix your computer or restore your data come to us! We strive help you even if other cannot !
You will get comprehensive diagnosis and a full consultation free of charge ! See you in September !

July 1 , 2016
       A lot of computers, RAIDs, memory cards and hard drives we received from the wild fire disaster from Fort McMurray city.
We already help out some peoples retrieve data from their home computers and laptops. If you have problem with fire damages or liquid please call to us. we can help.


We repair or install all brand desktop computer, tablet laptop, servers, RAID, NAS Storage, UPS power supply. Virus, Spyware Removal. Slow computer speed up and upgrade in Calgary.

When you need to know who has tampered your personal information contact us. We will complete an in-depth investigation of the computer's history and provide you with a detailed report.

Data recovery from all types and damages of computer hard disk drives, hybrid drives, and solid states drives. Including External USB, SATA, SAS, Apple and Mac Book SSD devices

Recovery from all broken, damaged, bended, burned flash devices including: computer memory cards, photo, SD, MS, CF, and Monolith NAND flash cards.

We make upgrades a breeze with our hassle-free data transfer services.

Restore missing, deleted, or overwritten data from any smartphone or tablet. Including many types iPad,iPod,and iPhones.
Supported Andriod and IOS.

If you are in the Calgary area and you need restore your important data fast , repair computer , remove virus or fix laptop , desktop,  server,  a technician will come to you. Call now and a technician will be onsite in 24 hours or less.


We are 100% certified , plus we offer

Hard Disk
and SSD Drives

Flash Drives & Memory Cards

Smartphones & Tablets

We can recover data from all types  NAS RAID array like :  0 , 1 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 10 , 50 Servers, unique standard like: DROBO,NETGEAR,QNAP, NAS, DAS, LUN, VMFS, ESX, ZFS , F2FS, UFS, BTRFS,Free BSD, Linux, Unix, SAN. Including restore and repair broken corrupted email, SQL, DBF, VMware, and more RAID storage!

RAID Arrays

Computers and Server Repair

Second Attempt Data recovery

Data Transfer
& Migration

Custom Computers Build & Support


We sell custom made personal computers, servers, and provide you with the best support.

If other companies have said you data cannot be recovered, we will try to recover it.    We have around  30 - 40% success rate on second attempt data recovery, One of the highest in Canada.

NO hidden fees or extra charges. No charges at all before process starts.

evaluations and estimates for recovery work.
FREE 30 day guarantee of your data. (free cloud storage server)
FREE warranty hard drive replace for brand Western Digitall and Seagate.

FREE media for data ransfer in case urgent or difficult data recovery. 
(flash up to 128 GB or hard drive up to 3 TB for any physical recovery).
FASTEST turnaround time (simple cases completed in  24 hours-2 days). 
24/7 and weekend recovery services available.
AFFORDABLE prices. We are one of the cheapest service in Canada.
DISCOUNTS up to 20% for Students, Seniors, and Low Income Households.
DISCOUNTS up to 50 % for partially recovered data.

   There are many companies that claim they can recover data, but only a few do it professionally and properly.
   We stand by our name. We are Data Recovery Experts and we pride ourselves in being professional, certified, and fully equipped to provide you with the with the best recovery service available.
   Many companies are not willing to take on severe cases because they are not economically profitable. Very complex cases require parts, tools, a dedicated specialist, and a lot of time.
   We will never turn away a recovery a case. We do not give up on complex cases if more times is needed. Recovery may take longer in extreme cases, but we will not turn away a client if there's a chance.
   We understand that your data is valuable and irreplaceable. Our technicians will always try everything possible to recover what was lost.
   A client is need is a client of ours!
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