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Basic troubleshooting and repair methods: 
    Logical failure.  The flash drive itself is fully serviceable. Failures of this kind are often caused by software errors, incorrect extraction during recording. Flash card is determined by the computer as a USB device, but can not open correctly in Windows Explorer. This includes the RAW file system, determined with zero volume, asks to format, etc. It can be also in case of accidental deletion of files or a full formatting. Data recovery is carried out using special tools, scanning the device , fixing file system errors with professional programs. After completion of the work, the drive remains in full working condition, memory stick can be used as usual.

   Electrical damage. Flash card has no external damage, but is not determined by the computer, and has no signs of life. Usually such damage caused by static electricity, static charge can easily damage the electronic elements of the stick, controller, capacitors, diodes, and other elements. For restoration we disassemble the flash drive, desolder memory chip, then read a copy of data image on a special programmer . After that we find the right algorithm for the location of data on the chip to decrypt files and to the right controller and then restore the information out of the image in the form of files and folders.
   Flash drive controller failure. Flash drive controller is responsible for receiving and transmitting information between NAND flash memory chips and a USB interface of the computer, which is responsible for the reliability and speed of information exchange in modern devices. In case of a controller failure, the flash drive can not be detected or it shows an error in accessing it. In some cases, logical errors amenable to correction, but if the controller is burned out, then it is necessary to disassemble the flash drive and desolder the chip, read the data in the programmer device . For different flash drives models manufacturers release their controllers direct read software. We use the software developed by our programmers or manufacturer's developers to decrypt the data from the image.

   Mechanical breakdown of the flash stick. The broken contacts, PCB, broken in half of the stick, then if a broken USB connector can still try to solder, where the flash drive is seriously damaged data can be removed only with the memory chips. The main thing that the crystals were not chip chipped or damaged. We have adapters available for all models of memory as NAND, and BGA chips, so read and recover data from a broken stick for us is not a difficult task. We have the technology when it is possible to read data even from the crystal directly. Of course it is expensive but still if you need your data and you want to do this we have the technology allowing to read data from the broken legs or pin chip connected directly to the crystal if it is not damaged.

Data recovery process from USB SD CF SDHC flash pen drive

   Fast and inexpensive data recovery in Canada
from all type NAND flash media !

   We recover data from:
 Logical, physical, liquid, fire ,
burning, crashed, electrical damage and failure.
We do Data recovery from all types connection and sockets like: USB 2.0, USB3.0, USB3.1, Apple MAC Thunderbolt, Thumb drive , USB pen, USB computer stick flash, Secure Digitall SD and micro SD, mSD, Compact Flash CF, Smart Media SM, Olympus standard, XD,  Memory Stick, Computer memory card, Multimedia card MMC, EMMC, one crystal SATA storage and more.

Next more about our capabilities: 

   The our company produces restore data from any flash drives in British Columbia and Alberta Calgary lab area after deleting and formatting, as well as after a hardware failure. Failure of the carrier can be caused by the various reasons such as unsafe removal of the stick, static electricity, broken contacts, drowned sticks. A large number of flash drives fails from time to time, because of frequent usage the flash drive lifetime is relatively short. If the flash drive is damaged, and not determined by the computer, we have to unsolder the memory chip, then read an image on manufacture Flash Reader and extract the final result from it. Similarly, the information can be restored from memory cards SD, SDHC, CF, XD, MS.
   If the flash drive is working and is determined by the computer, as in the cases being formatted, RAW format or zero volume is determined, the recovery is performed programmatically. We scan a flash card for errors, compile data card, fix file system errors. In the case the drive elements are defective, the controller is burnt, the contacts are broken etc., we unsolder a NAND memory chip. After that we do the restoration on a programmer, read the image of the original data with a selected by the controller algorithm; if it is necessary, adjustments can be made to the algorithm.
   If the controller chip is OK then it will be recognized by the operating system. But it can not be formatted and cannot be read. Size will be equal to zero. In this case, reading of information is performed through the serviceable part of NAND controller (direct read NAND flash method). Quickly and easily, we obtain the image of the corrected errors and then extract the data from it. Even after this process the flash can be repaired if NAND controller inside work fine and NAND flash chip not degraded. Also, if the flash memory controller is working it is possible to correct corrupted the translation table and write it back through direct recording controller mode . The data on the flash memory will be available. This newest method we use for some monolithic devices


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