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   Small and big computer companies , sales computer store, laptop, desktop, server repair business , IT contractors and other resellers with us are able to offer world-class solutions to restore data from various storage devices that can win the trust of customers , improve current services and to significantly increase the income of your company!
   Become our reseller or partner referral service , your business will receive priority data recovery services , exclusive discounts and solutions , free informational newsletters and advertising industry trends, and much more. You will be able to give the best first-class service to its customers.

Benefits for You and Your Business:
Key notes:

   Become our reseller and get 15%  money back after client payment or get discount  for every successful recovery.
     Data Recovery Advisors ready to assist 24/7/365
   No program sign-up fees.
   Free Evaluation Service on single hard drives & NAS/RAID devices with 3 or less hard drives
   Fastest evaluation time after receiving a case in the industry 15 min to 1 hour .
   Fastest turnaround time in the industry for sending the file list of retrieved data - 4 to 24 hours
   Commissions or discounts on every customer jobs or successful data recovery referral 15%
   Storing clients data after data recovery process on our file server for up to 30 days
   No Data, No Charge Policy
   Direct access to data recovery engineers by mail or by phone during business time.
   Free pick up and delivering service (Calgary and Edmonton only)
   Free transfer data media up to 64 GB
   Fast and Secure FTP site download available any day time

More Other Benefits:

   Increased customer satisfaction
   Service differentiation from the competition
   A broader range of services
   No limit on commissions paid. Final invoice will never exceed maximum amount quoted
   Monthly Free newsletters with the latest trends in data protection, data recovery technology, expert advice, news and information with sales tips, data recovery best practices and updates on new data storage technology, tools, test utilities
   Automatic discounts on all data recovery services.
   Highest data recovery success rate since 1991
   High Security Service available on demand
   Customized solutions for handling encrypted files and drives
   Our help in solving problems receiving data carrier transportation and primary diagnosis.
   Free training on data recovery to prevent additional damage to drives

Enroll your business in the Certified Reseller/Referral partner program
to get more benefits for your business and your customers.

Reseller, Partners, Referral Data recovery/repair Program

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Become our reseller and get 15% from total price.