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Lab news of our data recovery company

   07.19.2013 - Our lab developed a new method how to repair and rebuild translation system 
and make possible to reconstruct data from the
broken SSD Toshiba - Sandforce CPU chip Mac Book Air 2011,2012 MFY 
60/64/120/128/240/256/GB 24nm MLC NAND / SATA 
Data recovered 95 %. 

Data Recovered SSD Mac Book Air THNSNS128GMCP
Sandforce ssd cpu data recovery

     18.11.2013 - In our laboratory are still coming in hard disks after a flood in Alberta Calgary, including even from our partners other data recovery companies. We have found the right way of how to properly clean the dirty disks platters outside and inside. And after that we can fully restore the all data.

ssd drive

   01 25 2013 - In our laboratory has been successfully restored  SSD RAID 5 array x3 drive model INTEL  SSD 320 Series crypted !
   We used two other disc from Raid to understand how data encryption by the controller .  Data recovered

   01 10 2013 - In our laboratory has been successfully restored hard drive Hitachi- H DS5C4040ALE630 with a capacity of 4 terabytes. Change was made - swap heads. Amount of data recovered 100%. 
(Click on the picture)

   01 05 2013 - In our laboratory has been successfully restored hard drive WD-WD20NMVW 
of 2 terabytes and 2,5 inch form factor. Change was made - swap heads. Amount of data recovered 100%. (Click on the picture)

   04.15.2013 - Developed a method to initialize the Sandforce chip with a broken translation system . If you have not initialized SSD drive on a chip Sandforce, that can be easily initialize and copied data when your CPU is in working order . Data recovered 100%. 

     08.10.2013 - In our  data recovery service laboratory was rebuilt and recovered data from   single-crystal chip San Disk iSSD SDIS5BK 024G size 24 gigabytes. It is located embedded directly on the motherboard PCB pad device. Single-chip, the SSD drive have is SATA and USB interface connection and have also maintenance connection pinouts. Click for enlarge.

Hard disk after floods in Calgary Alberta Canada

     14.11.2013 - In our  data recovery NAND flash service laboratory was recovered another SSD drive  MAC Book Air Samsung SSD 256GB controller Samsung S4LJ204X01 Y040. Computer during the work was flooded by water causing racing voltage destroyed the controller SSD. We had to dissolve the compound and adhesive, separate and unsolder chips and then restore the data from chip one by one. All the data has been returned to the client. Click for enlarge.

     09.02.2014 - The new technology developed for monolithic broken flash carrier recovery. In our lab was fully restored monolithic flash card a new type high capacity. Data restored on the 98% , customer was satisfied.

Liquiq flooded damaged hard drive in salt water

     03.02.2014 - Sometimes hard drives has fall into the water. We need to flush out all salt and dirt, residue and clean the inside plates and the head. In this case it was possible to save the data by 97%. Laptop fell in salty sea water and there was a wet few days.

     18.08.2014 - Beginning from 2014 Seagate Company  released the hard drives that are blocked (locked) during manufacture process for third-party access and data recovery skilled intervention and investigation. 
   Example this hard drive Seagate ST3000DM001 With new part number PN: 1ER-166,1ER-164 locked by manufacture.
   Data recovery expert as a Seagate partner has received factory documentation and unlock tools for new hard drive models, And now we can unlock and retrieve data easy .
   We are now able to do Seagate recovery what others data recovery Canada service cannot do!
Please send hard drive to us. Seagate terminal locked or disabled -Partners can download unlock script for PC3000 tools.

Seagate new data recovery locked model

     18.03.2014 - Our laboratory in Vancouver BC have all the necessary equipment to restore data from flash pen drives and various compounds and socket pinouts like BGA 52, BGA 100, BGA 152 etc.  We can recover data from flash drives all types and models. We have the best and latest equipment !

November  20, 2017

     Big changes and expansion in business since 2018. New best and simple prices and new conditions. We are now much better than our competitors ! We have lowest prices in Canada and we can beat all prices and quality of service in data recovery in Calgary and any Canadas data recovery companies.
Try us first or compare ours with others ! 

April 1 , 2017

     We received consumer choice award sign. It is true award  because our business always honest and best.
We can beat all prices and we provide best quality of service !

November  20  , 2016
     We have developed a method for extracting data from hybrid SSHD hard drives like:  SEAGATE and WD hard drive models (kahuna, grenada, lobmbard, monster,  ETC).
We can also extract data from new models Seagate more than 4TB capacity !
Now in our laboratory we using the software from company Seagate Technology LLC . and we have 10-20 % cheaper price than other data recovery services.
We can beat all prices from all data recovery services. Сheck the price of other companies and ask us. we will have cheaper price ! Guaranteed !

July 29  , 2016
   So , You do not have a time for free upgrade process for Windows 10 ? You loose chance ? Microsoft pushing you upgade windows in tight time frame ?
Do you think it is over ? You are loose you free best Windows 10 ? NO ! we still have solution how to upgrade it for FREE !  It is easy.
Press this link and microsoft will do free upgrade even after July 29 ! Now You can update your windows 7, 8, 8.1 in any time.  ( PRESS HERE )

July 25  , 2016
   With the increased flow of customers and growing our company , we are expanding our business and begin to move our laboratory in a large spacious place .
Next month (September ) we will open emergency 24/4 local walk in lab and two more receiving ( drop off location ) places in Calgary ,
plus one in Vancouver and one in Toronto .  Also some more data recovery partners in Sascachevan, Manitoba, Edmonton.
There are more contracts with new partners and will be introdusing  the most affordable prices in Canada.
We can beat the quality and price of all those involved in data recovery business.
If someone could not help fix your computer or restore your data come to us! We strive help you even if other cannot !
You will get comprehensive diagnosis and a full consultation free of charge ! See you in September !

July 1 , 2016
       A lot of computers, RAIDs, memory cards and hard drives we received from the wild fire disaster from Fort McMurray city.
We already help out some peoples retrieve data from their home computers and laptops. If you have problem with fire damages or liquid please call to us. we can help.

January 5 , 2015
   We Increased price for data recovery from monolithic flash drives and severely damaged hard drives. Also we are increased the price of hard drives, memory cards and flash cards that have not been able to recover in other data recovery service. We can recover data from almost all devices but the price is now will high. If you are not able to recover data in other laboratories, we will show always the best result. We can also explain why your media  unrecoverable or not. We want to show you that everything is possible !

January 3 , 2015
   After a long work in data recover business we have seen that it is possible to recover data after other data recovery companies .
We give everyone 20% discount if you bring us the hard disk or flash USB, CF, memory drive after other data recovery companies who could not do recovery.
We will post all recovered second attempt cases and company name in separate list in our new web section

January 1 , 2015
   We got and start use new smart programming needle monolithic adapter and monolith research board from ACE lab.
It ia amaizing and simple. We started sell it for our partners and customers.
Pictures posted here.

September 1, 2015
After as 7 months of business operation we have received the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau - level A + . A lot of positive reviews and reasonable prices make the data recovery service possible for many peoples .

July 30, 2015
We ready to fix crashed computer after last upgrade new operation system Windows 10.
Many people have problem with driver, hardware and software after update Windows process. Also many new customers call us because they have blue screen after update process operation system Windows 10. Also we do data recovery in this case and many other cases related to upgrade, update all version Windows and MAC .
March  8, 2015
We have developed 3 different adapters for new Apple PCI-E SSD drive for Mac Book PRO A1465 A1466 A1493 A1502 MD864 MD865 MD866 MD293 MDxxx  ...  model. Adapter used bridge chip which alowed connect SSD to SATA, USB  or PCI-E bus.
Now we can easy restore or transfer data from any Apple SSD and Hard drive Apple MacBook use regular USB or SATA, also possible repair or fixing MAcBook SSD for data recovery process !

September 2, 2014
We have successfully developed a new technology to help recover data from broken monolithic flash cards! Our lab was able to successfully restore 98% of a customer's data. They were extremely satisfied.

August 18, 2014
At the beginning of 2014, Seagate released hard drives that are blocked/locked during the manufacturing process. This blocks third-party access and prevents recovery and investigation. These Seagate hard drives have the model number: ST3000DM001 and a new part number PN: 1ER-166, !ER-164. Partners who bougr PC3000 Can download this unlock script from us for free !.

Data Recovery Expert is a Seagate partner and has received factory documentation for these new models. We can now unlock and retrieve data from these devices easily. We are now the only company in Canada that can offer this recovery service!
Just another reason to send your hard drive to us!