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Alberta Calgary Leading On-site Service
Server, Computer, Laptop, Network repair
and data recovery professional service

Canadian Computer Repair Expert  offer Alberta Calgary-wide, same day, onsite computer repairs to the entire Calgary  area. We bring fast, friendly, and award winning customer service to your home or office to help with all your computer repair needs. For us so no matter if you need virus or spyware removal, data recovery,have an internet connection problem, or if your PC has just crashed or stopped, we will offer you advice on how to keep your computer running as fast and smooth as possible along the way.

We only provide highly skilled and qualified technicians for all computer repairs, and are proud of our policy - if we can't fix it, its FREE! To find out more about our computer services, why not give us a call today or book online for a technician to call you to discuss your needs at a time suitable for you.


Calgary fast and best computer repair service

Nobody likes computer problems.
The last thing you want to do is unplug everything and lug that big computer tower into your car,
all the way to the store, and wait in line to drop it off.
Not only that, but then you have to wait a week or two for your computer to be fixed.
If only there was a better way. AND THERE IS !!!

We provide local, reliable on-site services.

Data Recovery Expert has been provided quality certified on-site computer repair service .
We come to your home, your business and even your hotel room while traveling 
We  is there to help.
We can solve almost Anything computer, MAC or PC, that you might have from not connecting to the internet, to virus removal, all the way up to hardware failure.
To Have a Expert technician is also a learning experience for you.
Your Expert is not only there to fix your problem but to answer any questions that you have about your computer, and on how to prevent issues in the future!
Need a Fast Technitian? That's our Job!

We know computers don't always break when it's convenient to you, In Fact it's often the exact opposite. Data Recovery Expert Guarantees you a technician within 24 hours of your phone call to us. Often we can get someone out the same day! We know that most of you work during the day, but fret not, We offers evening appointments and service all weekend long.
So no matter when you have time, we will meet your schedule!


Services that We provides on-site are:

Virus, Trojan and Spyware Removal
Unlock Computer
Remove Password
Internet Connectivity troubleshooting
Hard Drive Problem and Failure
Computer not booting up
Computer not powering on
Data Backup
Professional Data Recovery
Email or Database Issues
Upgrading your Server, PC, MAC
Speed Up Slow Computer
Setup of a New Computer
Upgrade or replace computers
And much more!!!

Alberta Calgary On-Site Technitian