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In our lab we use these tools and equipments, even and more...

   Griol One click data recovery. The only this unique tool which allows to restore SSD drives and NAND flash USB flash and monolithic cards by running use the internal controller ! If you have difficult to read the flash memory dump it can be read through the internal controller and then subtract the data from the image dump. Also allows if it possible for technicians repair the many flash drives using the factory repair procedures (like mass productive tools). Works perfectly with monoliths allowing to read data through built-in controller if it is determined by the computer, even as a zero volume. Also we use Griol tools and methods for scratch plate hard drive recovery and calibrate and alignment platters during transplantation.

PC-3000 EXPERESS is not merely a tool but rather a technology, which allows HDD restoration in typical environments of data recovery companies providing access to user data in cases, when a hard drive is physically damaged. The technology has been developed specifically for small businesses and therefore it does not require obligatory use of clean rooms, servo writers or other expensive equipment. PC 3000 FLASH - The newest professional hardware-software solution for recovering data from all types of Flash memory based storage devices (USB Flash, SD, MS, xD, MMC, CF, VoiceRecorder, iPhone, and SSD - Solid State Drives) when data can't be accessed through standard interface.

  Stellar Data Recovery is world's most trusted data recovery service provider, with localized presence in 3 major continents – Europe, Asia and USA. Since its establishment in 1993, Stellar, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company has been serving the best-in-class data recovery solutions to varied needs of its customers around the globe.The wide range of stellar services includes - Hard Drive Recovery, RAID and SAN & NAS Server Recovery, Database and File Recovery, Email Recovery, Photo, Music and Video Recovery.

   R-Tools Technology Inc. is the leading provider of powerful data recovery, undelete, drive image, data security and PC privacy utilities. Our mission is to give our customers around the world the system tools to bring about a visible and substantial increase in viability, production, and ease of use at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

Data recovery from the producer of diagnostic and repair equipment. Recovery information from ever medium: HDD, RAID, Flash, etc. For many years, our company develops and manufactures diagnostic and repair equipment for digital media and motherboards. For repairing hard drives we created hardware and software system «HDD Repair Tool (HRT)», and to restore the data, in addition to the complex, developed a special utility «Data Recovery Edition (DRE)", allows you to recover data from the disk even defective part of the magnetic heads.

PC 3000 UDMA  best solution card for data recovery
ATOLA copier for cloning hard drive

   NAND flash programmer to read information from the chip NAND. Read Speed ​​11 MB / sec. Memory card of 1GB is read in about 90 s ekund. Connection by interface USB 2.0. Smooth adjustment of supply voltage from 1.2V NAND memory to 4.8V . Automatically detect settings memory chips through ini file. Automatic reading mnogokristallnyh memory chips. Statistical results in the formation of nestablinom reading dannyh.Avtomaticheskaya correction of up to 10 errors in the sector during the read data.

HRT EXPRESS best solution card for data recovery

   Atola Insight is a forensic and data recovery suite for disk diagnostics, duplication/imaging, firmware and file recovery. Atola Insight is the first forensic and data recovery tool on the market that covers all phases of the data recovery process: HDD diagnostics, Firmware recovery, HDD duplication, and File recovery. The product has many unique functions not found in similar products. Bundled with either DiskSense USB 2.0 or DiskSense Ethernet unit.

NAND prog from nand recovery
   Dolphin Data Lab is one world’s leading data recovery tools manufacturer and supplier offering complete data recovery solutions, training courses and tools for people who are going to start a data recovery business, grow data recovery capabilities and set up in-house data recovery center. Dolphin Data Lab is one data recovery technology-based company and over 95% of the company staffs are engineers, from software developing engineer, interface designing engineers, hardware engineers and firmware-level developing engineers. Users can view Dolphin Data recovery engineers here and see what each of them is doing and good at.

   Nrteam - leader in data recovery technology from monolithic flash card. many interesting methods and modern software help engineers restore data very quickly. Engineers made impossible for restore data from unrecoverable cases. We use this equipment for difficult and most unreconerable cases in other labs.

   Rusolut (Russian Solution) One from the best flash data recovery sulution. For all types cases. very fast and have more features. New Data Investigation & Recovery Technology . NAND chip-off Data Recovery & Digital Forensics tools. Researsh & Development in Data Recovery & Digital Forensics area. International team of Data experts, developers and reverse engineers. We deliver new technologies to yor business.
   MRT Data Recovery Lab. All-in-one solution for data recovery and HDD repair.For the initial down payment, users will receive the hardware kit and the first month free trial of the software. The remaining balance need to be paid at once within the following 30 days in order to upgrade the software to a full standalone offline version. No requirement for network connection.
   SalvationDATA provides the new generation data recovery tools and hdd repair tools which are used both for data loss prevention-DLP and high success rate data recovery-DR. With its core and innovative data recovery technologies, SalvationDATA tools solve media defects and malfunction which other traditional data recovery tools or data recovery software cannot do: dead or damaged hard drives and flash drives, a lot of bad sectors causing very slow PC running or data loss, clicking noises, wrongly detected drives, etc.
   Seagate data recovery solution and program. We use in our laboratory technology programs and tools developed by Seagate data recovery services. Factory service manuals helps us in solving the problems of some cases complex data recovery. Device for shifting hard drive plates and utilities developed by Seagate service give our customers good results in the data restoration. Special program mode used only for Seagate drives can achieve faster and better results than the usual standard methods.
   Flash Extractor software is used for data recovery from flash and SSD drives memory dumps.Every month appear new models of flash devices. Each new device has different internal physical and logical structure. We analyze it and release updates of our software weekly. There is a library of supported models inside of the program. These drives can be easily recovered.
   Acelab Monolithic Research Board   We start use this research board and we can restore data faster than other data recovery services. It is much convenient. This helps us save time for soldering wires. And also allows you to perform automatic investigation of unknown monoliths pinouts.