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   04.15.2013 - Completed and began mass sales of production - equipment for repair and testing of hard drives as well as to recover data from them, a new version of the popular device for data recovery from ACE Laboratory - PC 3000 PCI-E, RAID EXPRESS edition. Photo PCB PC 3000 PCI Express edition.
   Best of today set of tool in data recovery process ! Test tool board controller is implemented on the bus PCI-E, PCI-Express. This controller have 4 port SATA, 2 x PATA (IDE), is protected from overvoltage circuit and 4-channel adapter power management of diagnosed HDD. Also worth noting is that all 6 channels of the device are independent.And two possible internal IDE channel to adapt to a SATA adapter and then we will get 6 channels. In RAID Edition version of Windows does not see the device, and you can work with them so that Windows will not address to stores and will not slow down when the hard drive is defective. You can connect up to 6 faulty RAID drives and work with them at the same time that it is even enough. As well write to the connected device is locked. So will the new PC-3000 can be used for forensic research. In the shell program introduced Forensic functions. The new board is built on a new architecture with the use of chip BGA. SATA connection 4 output to outer rail of the mounting board computer interfaces and the two are located inside IDE. Modes of board: UDMA 133/100/66/33, PIO 4/3/2/1/0. Card Controller PC-3000 Express is designed for driver OS Win XP/Vista/7/8, versions x86 x64.The advantage of this device is that it allows you to quickly copy hard drives ranging in size from 1 to 4 terabytes independently without obstructing the work of the entire computer and still perform actions with each of them separately.

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PC 3000 PCI-E, PCI Express RAID edition, UDMA, Portable


PC 3000 SAS EXPRESS edition adapter and power board

   Was released new version PCB controller
PC 3000 SAS Express edition. Support sas and sata drives ! Power unit board can operate power for better data recovery  process

NEW PC3000 EXPRESS connected to computer
Perfomance PC 3000 Express Operation
PC 3000 tools parts

New production controller PC- 3000 Express, this 6- port test card installed in the PCI-Express expansion slot control computer. Six diagnostic controller ports as follows: 4 SATA ports with maximum transfer rate of 133 Mb / s and 2 PATA port speed of 100 MB / sec. Two port SATA (SATA0 and SATA1) are basic, the other two port SATA (SATA2 and SATA3) are switchable ports PATA (PATA0 and PATA1). Thus , while board to PC- 3000 Express four drives can be connected , two of which are SATA and two, depending on the configuration chosen , SATA or PATA. When designing the controller PC- 3000 Express used the accumulated experience of our company and wishes of users working in the field of data recovery. The result is a significant increase in performance and enhanced usability that meet modern requirements for recovery complexes .

PC 3000 PCI EX Best data recovery tool.