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Los Angeles
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#901 324 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA
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+1 (403) 889 7071 (Customer service and support)

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Operating Hours:
8:30am - 6:30pm Mon - Fri 
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+1 (403) 889-7071
(Customer service 24/7) Call/Text/VM
+1 (403) 383-4515
(Data Recovery Engineers 24/7) Call/Text/VM

(Customer service 24/7)
(Data Recovery Engineers 24/7)

    If you are in Los Angeles, you can drop off your device at the address above for free evaluation and a no obligation quote.
    Diagnostic is performed in 48 hours or less.

    If you are from any other location, please call us to order free shipping.

    And remember - all our evaluation services before data recovery process are absolutely free! No extra fees or unexpected charges.

To select a data recovery service for your device in Los Angeles and see prices, click HERE.
In California area we have successful experience in data recovery from corporate and small business Servers, RAID, NAS, QNAP, any USB external hard drive WD and Seagate with clients from the whole United States. 
Also we working with broken hard drive and computer flash memory from Canada provinces and from all states from the USA.
If you really need your data back, don't worry, just send us your hard drive or computer memory card by regular mail service or UPS post.

   We only one company who have free shipping in both ways. Click HERE for more information.


Phone: +1(403) 889-7071
(Support: 24/7, SMS, Voice Mail)

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