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Recycle It is a Free Service!
We Recycle Computers, Hard Drives, SSD, RAM,
Motherboards, Laptops, Apple, Business Servers, NAS, DAS,
And we will completely erase the data from your old media!
We are local in Calgary.
   Data Recovery Expert is a local, provided recycle of computer and electronics stuff.

   We can take your Apple computers, Cellphones, iPhone, Any Laptops, Hard drives, SSD, Memory cards, USB devices, Servers, Routers, Switches and Hubs, Network Storages, Tapes cartridges and Video Tapes.

  We will erase all data from tapes and carriers.

  We can recycle all other related to computer, network and media storages.
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Free pick up available for corporate users!

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+1(403) 889-7071 (Customer Service)
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+1(403) 889-7071
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