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About Us


   First of all we want to say that we have 5 star review everywhere. You can check any resources about us in the internet and you will find a 5 star review. We are trying be the best company which provides data recovery and computer support service around the world. You can click on icons below to independently check a review about us in the internet.

Data Recovery Experts Services

  Data Recovery Expert is a registered business with a local Canadian lab and powerful support from RAID, hard drive, SSD, Flash cards developers.
  Fully Certified TIA, computers service,  and data recovery and computer certified, with master degree   engineers and achieve over 30 years of experience, our engineers have recovered data from almost every type of hard drive, SSD, flash memory card, USB devices, cellphones. We are part of developer of some professional Data Recovery Tools.
We sell best in the world data recovery equipment's.
   We are becoming one of the leading data recovery companies in Alberta, British Columbia, Toronto, and Canada on the whole. We are also gaining popularity in major Canadian cities including Vancouver, Richmond,  Burnaby, Richmond, Calgary, and Edmonton. We continue to expand in many more, and accept cases from all over the world.

Leading Calgary local certified computer, laptop repair, data recovery service, SEO optimization, virus removal. Why are we better? Because we often can recover data and repair the unit even if others  cannot do it. And we do not charge any fees if  the job wasn't done completely. We can restore data from all types of hard drive, memory flash devices, servers, RAID, NAS, DAS, SAN, computers, desktops, USB, SD flash drives, and other. Local, equipped and certified engineers in Canada, success rate 95%, affordable pricing, free evaluation, free pick up and free drop off in Calgary. We retrieve data from damaged or logical corrupted hard disk drives, all types of flash USB or SD pen thumb drives, monolithic or single crystal NAND flash, RAID array, NAS, DROBO, QNAP, Lacie, DELL all types and variants, all external portable USB, fire wire, memory card carrier, all operation system logical failure, and also other digital media data restoration. Our company have research and development laboratory in Canada, we sell our data recovery tools and programs worldwide. Our engineers specialize in recovering data from a variety of media. When large recovery companies declare your device as unrecoverable, it often happens because the case is not profitable, or  too complicated. We have a high rate in recovering second attempt cases. If your drive is classified as non-recoverable, and it looks like nobody can recover your data, do not lose hope. Contact us, we are working 24/7 to help you. 

What We Can Do:
File Systems
Our engineers can recover data from most operating systems and their associated file systems and devices: eXFAT, FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, NTFS compressed, HFS, HFS+, APFS, FUSION DRIVE , CORE STORAGE, FILE VAULT (MAC os, MAC Book), HFSX, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, ReiserFS, ReiserFSplus, XFS, ZFS, UFS, UFS2, FFS, F2FS, JFS, NWFS, VMFS, ESX5, VSphere, (novell 2 types), unlock hard drive passwords.
Operating Systems
Our engineers can save data from most operating systems such as :
Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, Windows 7,8,10 2000-20012 Server, 2010,NT, Windows 3.1, DOS, OS/2, Netware, All Apple Mac os, Unix, Linux, IBM AIX JFS, Sun Solaris UFS & Veritas VxFS, SGI IRIX EFS & XFS, SCO OpenServer & Xenix & UnixWare, QNX, BSDI, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Lynx OS, HP-UX HFS.

We recover data from: IDE and EIDE (1.8", 2.5", and 3.5"), SCSI, RLL, MFM, ESDI, PCMCIA Type, MicroDrives, Serial ATA (SATA), SAS, iSCSI, M.2, mSATA, m2SATA, e-SATA.
Macintosh Products
Unique Macintosh devices including iMAC Book AIR, PRO SSD HDD drive.
Data Recovery from Any Devices, Media of Any File Format
Any type of RAID array, NAS, QNAP, Synology, DAS,
SD, mSD cards Memory Stick DUO,
ZIP drives, Memory Stick PRO DUO
SmartMedia,CD, DVD, MMC, RS-MMC, MMC Mobile, Blu-ray, Micro SD Card, xD-Picture Card, HDD, Compact Flash (CF)
Micro Drive, Cell phones,Memory Stick PRO, USB Memory Card, Smartphones, Cellphones, Apple, Android.

Our History

Our specialists have been restoring data since 1985.
  We first started recovering data from punch cards. It was done by punching, copying them onto special devices, and repairing holes to move data from one punch card to another punch card.
    As storage media changed, we changed with it. We started recovering data from floppy disks, magnetic tapes, and optical disks. When the first 5 megabyte hard drive was commercially introduced, our specialization in hard drives grew. Years later, it is now the cornerstone of our recovery services.
As hard drive space increases, their physical sizes get smaller, and the recovery process gets more complex.
  To stay ahead of the game, we design our own equipment and write our own data recovery software. We are currently using our own technology to recover data from monolithic flash cards and flash thumb drives!

We combine our tools with recovery hardware and software directly from major hard drive manufacturers, like Seagate and WD. Our engineers use the best technology in the world including technology from Russia, America, China, and Europe. Now our business have the best certified equipment and expertise forensic tools in data recovery field in Canada. We have certification from data recovery tool developers and from most popular computers, laptop and desktop manufacturer brands.
  Our team is certified and experienced in professional laptop repair and our data recovery engineers have certificates and data recovery training from major computer companies. All of our engineers are compliant and hold TIA A+ level diplomas.   
People are often surprised that our prices are lower, but it's because our success rate is so high. We try to do everything possible to recover everyone's data.
  Extreme circumstances may take longer, but we will not give up if there is a chance to recover your data.
You can trust us!

Our Mission

Here are many companies that claim they can recover data, but only a few do it professionally and properly. We stand by our name. We are Data Recovery Experts and we pride ourselves in being professional, certified, and fully equipped to provide you with the with the best recovery service available. Many companies are not willing to take on severe cases because they are not economically profitable. Very complex cases require parts, tools, a dedicated specialist, and a lot of time. We will never turn away a recovery a case. We do not give up on complex cases if more times is needed. Recovery may take longer in extreme cases, but we will not turn away a client if there's a chance.We understand that your data is valuable and irreplaceable. Our technicians will always try everything possible to recover what was lost. A client is need is a client of ours! We provide data recovery service across Canada and USA and most of all we have customers from California Los Angeles, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto cities.

Meet the Business Owner

   Oleg Gritsev is an experienced electronics engineer.  Graduated from Technical college in 1992, and University in 2003 with a Master Degree, he specializes in electronics engineering and network, satelite, optic communication, and data recovery, which Oleg started as a hobby 30 years ago.  It grew into a big passion, and became a big part of his life. 
     Arrived to Canada from Ukraine in 2009, Oleg worked as a senior engineer in data recovery companies such as DataRetrieval (Toronto), ReStoring Data (Vancouver). He decided to start his own business in 2014 to provide a faster, better, cheaper data recovery service and computer repair for the customers.
    Oleg is highly experienced in electronic devices development, repair, and data recovery. He is also a certified engineer in computer service and computer repair, and has certificates from the world's leading computer companies, such as Toshiba, Asus, Dell, WD, Seagate. Oleg also takes part in the annual training provided by Ace Lab, the leading company in data recovery software and equipment development. He is trained in data retrieval from hard drives, RAID, NAND, QNAP, memory based devices, CD, DVD,  and from all devices wherever there is a place to store information. In his lab he also has  the best and latest equipment from the world leaders in this field.

    We can not only save your valuable data, we can also make some correction and rebuild file structure, build a new computer and save all restored data there. We can do some extra things that other cannot. Data recovery and computer service it is not just our business, it is also our passion, hobby and lifework. 
    We do not charge peoples for evaluation and diagnostics at all. Our customer pay only when the data is restored and customer received it. Not before. We also highly value our customers and are grateful to them for the feedback they leave on BBB and Google websites. We invite you to read the reviews about us to dispel all doubts and confirm our good reputation.
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