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Canada Car Forensic, Infotainment System Memory Reading, Analyzing
data recovery service from any usb damaged memory flash drives
What we can do with your car infotainment system ?

   The removal of memory chips from circuit boards if board become damaged

   Performing the non-destructive In-System Programming (ISP) or use connection to service pins to recover data for decoding in forensic software like a Berla

   Recover data use Chip-Off data acquisition techniques for vehicles and systems that may have been damaged due to collision, fire, or water damage

   We also can solder any type of chip back to logic board so it remain in working condition and can be installed back to car for further use.

   In our data recovery laboratory not only data from hard drive or SSD can be restored, we also can recover read and analyze any type vehicle memory chip like:

NAND, NOR, Bit Mirror, EMMC, UFS, FLASH, SD, e-PCIE,e-MCP and other...

and other...

Also many other sockets and connectors. We can read full image memory file use socket, board pin connection or direct CPU, JTAG or System interface reading method from car infotainment system and then use log and telemetry data from car storage flash memory to get some evidence for forensic investigation. 

   We can check car system almost any cars that have crashed, stolen or burned down. We can read the data from the car's on-board computer and analyze information about what exactly happened and who is to blame for the arson or car accident.

This can be useful for insurance companies or for litigations.

We get many forensic equipment and information on this page will continue to be updated more soon this 2024 year.

Stay tuned!

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