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Data Recovery Carrers
Our success data recovery and business reputation - is the always coordinated work of professional engineers in our team.
   We are always looking for passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated team members who will continue to contribute to the success and innovation of the company.

   If you are looking for a career opportunity with decent pay and benefits that encourages and rewards both an engineer and a manager, as well as a passion for innovation.

   Data Recovery Expert may be the best place for you in the field of data recovery, forensic, and criminology


Senior and Technitian Data Recovery Engineers.
for Clean Room, Firmware, Head Swap, Logical Recovery.


Performing diagnostics and data recovery on HDD, SSD, Memory cards RAID, NAS, single drives and multi-disk configurations with mechanical and surface issues, including corrupted, damaged failing heads, stuck heads, spindles, failed motors PCB boards, firmware.  ALso required microsoldering skills and reverse ingineering.


   Bachelor’s degree or higher in mechanical or electrical engineering or computer science-related studies
   Minimum 10 years of experience in data recovery, or computer programming fields.
   Minimum 3 years of hands-on experience with Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu or Centos and other Linux systems.
   Knowledge and experience with Microsoft, Unix, Linux, iOS, Apple file system level recognizing, work and editing.
   Police clearance required,


   Use software tools to find data, repair logical damages and recover customer data on storage media of all types
   Work within an international team of software developers and IT experts
   Setup of network and hardware server equipment
   Advising customers on the technical details of data recovery

   Due to our 24-hour emergency service, employees in the laboratory have a one-week on-call duty, which rotates within the team


We offer $80 000 USD Per year (full time 21 days)
We offer $50 000 USD Per year (part time based on result)
We offer $200 for every restored case
Good for remote support level technician without heads replacement.
Example for soft RAID with 3 hard drive 200x3=$600

Bonuses and benefits:
1. 100% medical benefits coverage (company HSA)
2. Full company coverage cellphone package.
3. House or room rent coverage $500 per month maximum.
4. One time family moving across North America help available
up to $3000

   Free flexible working time is 6-8 hours a day except weekends.      
   Weekends are paid separately with double payment.
   We pay for job, not for time but not less than fixer rate 80K per year.
   Possible work remotely like outsourcing, logical tech support or data recovery special helper.

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