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Criminal Digital Forensics Investigation
   When you need to know who has tampered your personal information, contact us. We will complete an in-depth investigation of the computer's history and provide you with a detailed report.

- Forensic research and expertise;
- Computer - technical and   telecommunication expertise;
- Restoring the history of events;
- Collecting digital evidence;
- Computer Accident Investigation;
- Incidents involving computer equipment, telecommunications equipment, mobile    devices;
- Financial resources theft in the Internet banking systems;
- Information and communication systems fraud;
- Network DDoS attack;
- Analysis of software products;
- Identifying, analyzing and eliminating malicious software;
- Evaluation of the security of information systems;
- Data recovery;
- Guaranteed destruction of information.

   Data Recovery Expert providing professional services in the field of computer crimes and information security incidents, computer expertise.
   The laboratory has a unique set of software and hardware for data removal, recovery and analysis on various digital media. A number of technologies and techniques allow forensic research of computer equipment, software products, telecommunications equipment, data storage systems, video recorders, mobile phones, etc.
   Data Recovery Expert  regularly participates in thematic international conferences and seminars, conducts active research work. Thanks to the exchange of experience with partners in Canada, China, Russia, the United States, the most modern methods of the world are used in conducting investigations and examination.

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