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Calgary Data Retrieval From Hard Drives
   Data Recovery Expert Service provides professional data recovery service in Canada: Alberta Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Okotoks, etc. and British Columbia: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, North Vancouver, etc.
   USA: California all location. Main location Los Angeles.
We recover data from hard drives after any logical and physical damages, as well as after an accidental deletion or formatting. We also accept cases from all over the world, you can ship your drive to us anytime from anywhere in the world. If you have questions about hard drive data recovery do not hesitate call us for a free consultation.

   We can restore data in next cases:
Data recovery from all hard drive interfaces, types, models, and sizes.
  - WD Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Qantum, Samsung, USB, external, portable slim,  dropped, damaged drives, clicking drives, external or internal hard drive all type data recovery.
  - Data recovery in case of all types error and failure such as logical, physical, electrical, and mechanical.
  - Data recovery from computer and server hard drives, all forms, factors, interfaces, and sizes.
  - Data repair and file recovery from all types of computer operation system, and logical partition, any type of  data files and formats. (Photo, movies, pictures, sound files and music, windows settings and passwords , backup files, all data bases, all e-mail data bases)
  - If your hard drive or laptop dropped, or electrically burned, if it has firmware malfunction, a head crashed or else, we can help !
  - Data Recovery from encrypted hard drives.
  - Recover data from hard drive after format or repartition case.

Some more about our capabilities.
Extensive experience and advanced equipment. Certified engineers.
   If you accidentally deleted your data, formatted or reinstalled the operating system, then it is a
logical problem.
   If your hard drive is not detected or the computer makes strange banging whirring sounds, it is a
physical problem.
In any case, we will make every effort to recover your data even if your hard drive was in another data recovery service. This is called a second attempt. Please read more below.
We can:
   Retrieve information with many logical and physical damages or hard disk errors.
   Restore data from all known external and internal drives, with all known standards and compounds.
   Recover data from the hard drives of computers, laptops, servers, and many other devices.
    Restoration from any hard drives brand and models! Our lab specialists are the experts in the field of data recovery from hard drives: Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Maxtor, IBM. We provide a full range of data recovery services. We work with hard drives IDE, SATA, SAS, SCSI from computers and laptops to servers and industrial stations.
   Data Recovery as soon as possible! Our large warehouse of donors allows us not to waste time looking for parts, and immediately begin to fulfill the order. All the work with the disk occurs on manufacture equipment, special developed tool, hardware and software. We use only non-destructive processes of reading information from the hard drive.
   We work with all file systems: FAT16, FAT32, eXFAT, NTFS, NNWFS, NSS, HFS, HFS +, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, UFS, UFS2. We have ready-made solutions for all types of existing file systems.
Data Recovery HDD with logical and physical failure.

All the hard drive failure can be divided into logical and physical.
Logical - the hard drive is OK, but the data is inaccessible or lost, for example, file system damage, errors in the service area of the drive, as well as accidentally deleting files or formatting partitions. Recovery is performed with the help of special software utilities. Error correction is performed on special equipment, without opening the drive.
- the drive does not operate normally, is not determined by  computer, makes sounds, clicks, squeaks, or no signs of life. These breakdowns indicate the failure of the mechanics or electronics components of the disc. Recovery begins with a set of measures to bring the hard drive to the operating state. Reading errors are corrected after the replacement of defective components using the direct reading software-hardware tools and imaging sector by sector after writing the modified firmware on the drive.
  If the hard drive is not detected by the system, makes clicking sound or other extraneous sounds, and it has valuable information, to prevent damaging plates surfaces it is strongly recommended not to use the drive. In such cases, the first thing you need to do is to restore the mechanics of the hard drive to the operating state, and after, using equipment from Seagate or WD manufacture, read a sector-based copy of a disk. Only this way you can recover the information completely.
The Basic Malfunctions and Methods for Restoring Hard Drives

   Unreadable sectors of a hard disk. The normal operation with bad sectors on the hard drive (bad blocks), or clusters that are marked as such in the file system structures, can not be guaranteed, or not possible at all. All this strongly decreases the speed of reading, the computer produces errors, blue screen, freezes. Magnetic heads getting on the bad sector can not correctly write or read on this part. This problem is inherent in almost all models of hard drives in one degree or another. HDD Recovery is performed by reading a full copy of the hard drive on the hardware-software equipment with error correction.
  Malfunction of the magnetic heads. Drive makes clicking or intermittent crackle in some models, after some time can stop the engine. The fault occurs after shocks or falls in the running. Constant clicking indicates that it is not able to read the marking, drive does not go to the operating mode and constantly recalibrate. In this case it is necessary to replace the head assembly. Restoration is performed in a "clean room", by replacing the magnetic heads with another serviceable donor disc.
Hard drive engine wedge (stuck, seizure). Wedge is often found on Toshiba and Seagate drives with three or more plates. It also happens with laptop hard drives. In the case of the engine wedge, there are two ways of repairing: the axis of the motor shaft can clog the end of the bearing lock washer, or axle shaft wedge on the surface of the bearing bush. In this case, the motor shaft does not spin, sometimes utters quiet humming sounds. The hard disk drive restoring is made by a permutation of wedging bearing platters with another, non-defective, from the donor, followed by centering and calibrate platters.
   Failure of the electronics board. This damage cause the burning of an electronic board components and controller chip. Engine will not start, it makes no sound, sometimes there is a smell of burning. This happens because of the burning board elements caused by electrical breakdown, malfunction of the computer power supply, wrong polarity power to the hard disk. For repairing and restoration data of the hard drive we replace electronics board transplanted from the same disk - donor, solder it or rewrite the ROM controller. 
The failure of the head switch. The serial head switch is located on the magnetic head block and serves to amplify the signal coming from the heads to the controller. Failure of the switch is the result of the electronics board damage. A hard disk is structured so that a separate exchange or soldering of a switch-preamp is physically impossible. Restore your hard disk drive to the operating state is performed by replacing the whole unit from a donor HDD.
   Magnetic heads sticking. Happens in the event of an impact or fall, sometimes when power is off. The magnetic heads do not have time to move into the parking area and adhere to the surface. It often happens with compact models - HDDs sizes 1.8 ", 2.5" or external USB cases as a result of a fall or blow, but can occur without external influences on the HDD. Repairing is made by using pullers and special tools with heads placed in the parking area; in case of heads damage and inability of reading the disc we replace them.


1. Data transfer $100+ GST Per drive.
If Your hard drive works good without any issues.

2. Damaged USB, SATA, SAS, Thunderbolt, or other  connectors issues.
   Price  $150 + GST 

3. Logical data recovery. Formatted partition, Erased data (this is not forensic case),small bad blocks on hard drive, other small problems.
   Price:  $250-350 + GST 

4. Electrical issue, short circuit damages or firmware problem, logic board malfunction, CPU fried, RAM problems, PCB failure. 
   Price:  $400-600 + GST  per drive

5. Physicals damages, beeping hard drives, clicking sound and other heads issues for devices up to 3 TB
   Price from $800 - 1200 + GST  per drive

6. Physicals damages, beeping hard drives, clicking sound and other heads issues for devices from 3 TB and up to 22 TB. in simple cases.
   Price from $1200- 3000 + GST  per drive with physical issues.

6 Second attempt and very high damages, opened hard drives in other data recovery laboratories, HI-END  hard drive like portable 5,6 TB, if no one can retrieve data from it
Price: $2000-xxxxx + GST  per one damaged drivу

No data no charge and free evaluation policy.

Data recovery Speed:

1. Turnaround time 10-15 business days - regular price
2. Turnaround time 4-8 business days - + 50% to regular price
3. Turnaround time 24 hours-2 business days - +100 %regular price

   The time to complete the work can be 2-3 times faster if we can make it easier during the process of reading data, or it may take longer if we will need to order spare parts or develop a special recovery technology specifically for your device, and this especially applies to cases of repeated data recovery, second opinion cases, or data recovery after other companies were unable to restore your data.
(second attempt cases)

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