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Calgary Data Recovery Service from any type NAS, RAID, Server, Business Storages
Any RAID data recovery service Canada
Lacie RAID data recovery Canada
   Why can we do our job and service better than others? The answer is completely simple:

   We have cutting edge data recovery technology from all types raid arrays. Certification and great 30 years experience in working with hard drives,NAS storages, Business server, and RAIDs. Worldwide support from data recovery developers, Manufactures of hard drives and SSD, also we use high-speed cashed-paralleled data storage, RAID reconstruction solution that allows us to restore any raid array within 24 hours together with the return data to the client. Our RAID recovery technology of parallel media copying/checking and RAID recovery solution on the fly allows you to control all processes independently in automatic mode. We have experience with raids with 30-40 drives 2-18 TB each. Our fast storages can take to work any RAID with any number and combination of hard drives and SSD. Our technology allows us fix broken RAID array and return data back to new or old fixed RAID device. So customer can work with same storage at next day (overnight data recovery service) without reconfiguration it.
   The majority of small-to-medium businesses across the globe have turned to RAID-configured systems for their storage solutions. The most frequently cited reasons for utilizing RAID Arrays in businesses today are the highly fault-tolerant level the solution offers and the cost effectiveness of acquisition and maintenance.
   However, if a RAID Array fails as a result of component malfunctions (including hard drives and controller cards) or operating and application corruption, it leaves the data unusable and in most cases corrupted.
   RAID data recovery is an intricate task since RAID data configurations often have different data layouts depending on manufacturers – often for competitive reasons. Without an in-depth knowledge of how RAID arrays are configured at hardware, firmware and software levels, data recovery attempts will not only fail, but result in further data corruption.
  Using its vast knowledge of RAID Array storage technology, Data Recovery Expert can successfully recover data from the very earliest to most recent NAS, SAN and Server RAID configurations in the market.
Our Data recovery Service allowed retrieve data from Any HDD or SSD RAIDs, Any type NAS, QNAP, servers and configurations supported include:

NAS data recovery service for WD my book cloud, home, duo live and other.
Business storages: Seagate, WD, Synology, QNAP, ASUSTOR and other.
We can restore data from all NAS RAID array and other servers.

We support RAID configurations:

Apple RAID, Lacie RAID, G-RAID, any NAS RAID Configuration, LVM, LVM2 Sofyware RAIDs, Thunderbolt, SPAN, JBOD RAID ; X-RAID,  BEYOND RAID (DROBO); QNAP, Qtier tier leveling hybrid storage, Synology RAID F1, RAID SHR hybrid RAID, SSD cash RAID, Synology, RAID 0 ; RAID 01 ; RAID 1 ; RAID 1E ; RAID 3 ; RAID 4 ; RAID 5 ; RAID 5E ; RAID 5EE ; RAID 6 ; RAID 10 ; RAID 50 ; RAID 51 ; RAID 60 ; RAID ADG ; Complex RAIDs 55,65,50+ , Storage space, LVM, LVM2, LDM, VHD, VHDL, Hyper-V, and many others.

We recover data on RAID controllers all types:
Adaptec, Microsemi, LSI, AVAGO, DELL, HP, Silicon image, Promise, Mylex, Intel, SUN, HighPoint, EMC, Infotrend.

We can restore data from special complicated logical RAID storages servers like:

RAID F1 Synology Flash hybrid raid.
AIX (Legacy JFS1, JFS2),
Xinous OpenServer (EAFS, HTFS, DTFS),
Veritas Storage Foundation, HP-UX, (VxFS4, VxFS6, VxFS7), and other
Urive (NxFS)
QNAP NAS implementing automated tiering (Qtier with SSD leveling technology)
Dell EqualLogic, IBM AIX (CAPI RAID) and other...

Interface connection:
PATA/SATA ; SAS ; SCSI ; Fibre Channel ; FCoE ; AoE ; iSCSI ; eSATA

  We work with file systems : NTFS, NTFS5, XFS, UFS, UFS2, F2FS, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, ReiserFS, NSS, HFS, HFS+, APFS, CORE STORAGE, FILE VAULT, NWS, Windows, Unix, Linux, Freenas, and other...

  Restoring the infrastructure, organized with the help of virtualization VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Exchange Acces, SQL Lotus.
  Our experts always work with clones of your hard drive discs without compromising the data manually identify the necessary characteristics and virtual gathering Raid array. We have experience with the most sophisticated array configuration runs under all kinds of operating systems.
  Call to our engineers directly and ask your questions. We can explain almost all RAID malfunctions. And we know how retrieve your data from particular your case.
  We restore data from RAID 24/7 around the clock!
  We understand that on raid arrays stores important information ,
so our urgent restoration carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
We can do it faster and with better success rate because we have experience with RAIDS and NAS over 25 years.
    Free Consultation 24/ 7! If you have any problems , and you do not know what to do,
call us at +1(403) 8897071 or +1(403) 3834515
   Experienced engineers will advise you about potential problems and give a number of recommendations for further action.
   The highest percentage of successful recovery! A team of professionals and modern equipment allows to achieve the best possible result with any levels of RAID.
   Data Recovery Expert Services provide all types RAID Data Recovery and in-lab critical response services provide state-of-the-art data recovery services for all Redundant Array of Independent Drive (RAID) configurations, for all brands, media formats and/or Operating System.


1. FREE NAS or RAID data recovery Price: FREE $0
With any data protection certificate from Lenovo, QNAP, SYNOLOGY, DELL, HP, APPLE, or insurance company.

2. RAID,data transfer $150+ GST Per drive.
When you NAS power supply or logic board have malfunction we have special prices for good working RAID disk data transfer to new NAS.

3. RAID SATA data recovery $350+ GST  per drive up to 3 TB. For larger capacity price higher. Please contact.

4. RAID SAS data recovery $650+ GST  per drive

5 RAID physical damage data recovery  $800-1200+ GST  per one damaged drive up to 3 TB
all other remaining regular price.


RAID5 with 3 good hard drives data transfer total: 150x3=$450
RAID5 with damaged structure or hard drive with bad blocks 350x3=$1050
RAID5 with one damaged, clicking non recognized hard drive 350+350+1200=$1900
Contact us for more accurate price.

Our Data Recovery priority services and speed:

Turnaround time 10-15 business days - regular price
Turnaround time 5-8 business days - + 50% to regular price
Turnaround time 24 hours-2 business days - +100 %regular price


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