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Second attempt difficult cases which was restored after other labs
   In 2023, we will show examples of our data recovery work with photos and videos here and on our YouTube channel cases that could not be restored (unrecoverable) in other data recovery services, Also here we will show data recovery process and examples when the diagnostics were not performed correctly or the disk was damaged in another company, as well as complex cases.

In almost all cases, we can provide the better price for data recovery after evaluating a second opinion (not a second attempt!) after most data recovery companies. We can give you a 10% or even 20% lower price after diagnosis, because the prices for these services are usually very high! Bring us the device for diagnostics and find out our price. Then you can choose the best suitable company for you.

Here will be posted samples how data was restored in some non usual cases when it was not possible or it required specific tools and equipment.

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WD My Book Duo / Single
1st and 2nd Edition Desktop RAID
External Hard Drive Enclosure
Data recovery encrypted case!

   One day After falling off from the table, this device was brought to us for data recovery. 3 big data recovery companies tried to restore data from it. No one from them can help out to client.
   Both hard drives were damaged. After replacing the heads and subtracting the data from surfaces, we turned out that the device has internal encryption with customer password. Any software do not support decrypt data from this device. After requesting from our partners Western Digital documentation for our work and internal firmware algorithms for controller firmware JMS561, we managed to decrypt the data using the client's password. Now we can use our software developments tools or the PC3000 data recovery complex add-on to recover data from this storage.
   Partners and friends will have access to utilities and plug-ins for working with such encrypted WD hard disks drives.
   Please use our ftp acess to get all tools and service manuals, technique description from FTP in section software and how to use it with PC3000 add-on


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