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Calgary Microsoft Windows Data Recovery,
Data Migration Service to New OS and Hardware,
for Computers, Workstations and Corporate Servers.

Any Microsoft Windows Server Storage
Data Recovery and Data Migration Services

   In the past we installed many windows NT version servers and we know how it works and have great experience. We have been installing the subsequent server versions like the Server 2000, 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012. What is why we are best company in Calgary to be hired for server data recovery and server OS migrations. Server data transfer and migrations are one of the most important and complex tasks to be performed. We do it right faster and always better and cheaper without errors.
We do server migrations from Windows Server NT, 2000, Server 2003 and Server 2008 to Server 2012 or Server 2016, 2019 with zero data loss and zero pain.
Move data, applications, and infrastructure with minimal downtime.

The most common data recovery and migration service we offer are:
• Active Directory Migrations
• VMWARE Migration
• DBF Migration
• Oracle server and data base migration
• SQL Server Migrations
• File Server Migrations
• DNS Server Migrations
• DHCP Server Migrations
• Hyper-V Migrations
• NPS Migrations
• Remote Deskop Services Migrations
• Print Server Migrations
• Data Distribution
• Database Normalization and defragmentation
• Storage Transformation (warehousing)
• Software (email, database, communications, applications, contacts)
• Operating System Upgrades
• Hardware Upgrades (RAID volume, controllers)
• Physical-to-Cloud data backup
• Bit locker corrupted, formatted partition recovery.
And more other services with whole hardware migration

We do server migrations in both the physical hardware RAID, software  and virtual environments file systems.
By using Data Recovery Expert to migrate your servers and databases, you can be sure that our proven workflows provide continuity and significantly reduce downtime, while still providing your organization with the computing solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.

For more information, conditions about Server Storage data recovery and server storage migration, call or e-mail the Data recovery Expert professionals today at (403) 889-7071.

Data Recovery from Microsoft Windows Desktop, Laptop, Workstation, Computers and Data Migration Service.

What we can do:

Migrate your data from Apple Mac to Windows computer
Restore your data from any Windows OS, Computer, laptop, Workstation.
Update/Upgrade your OS from Windows 95,98, Millennium, Vista, 7,8, 8.1, to New
Windows 10 with valid license for FREE!
No need purchase new windows 10 copy from Microsoft.
We can use your old valid Windows 7,8,8.1, license number.
We can also will transfer all your data to new computer without problems.
Pay only for labor $90+ tax.

   What to do if your Windows computer stops working.
Correct actions in this situation will help prevent serious damage to the storage medium and significantly increase the chances of successful data recovery.

Typical symptoms of failure:
• Windows Disk Utility Checkdisk Get Error Messages
• Clicking, Ticking  and other unusual sounds
• Extremely slow computer operation and freezing with blue screen.
• Lost and inaccessible files and folders
• Windows OS does not boot from the hard drive

   When such symptoms appear, it is not recommended to try run repair features and  copy and restore files. Such actions can lead to overwriting the files you need, and even to physical damage to the storage medium, resulting in permanent data loss. In any case, you should not open the computer or laptop. Immediately after the occurrence of a malfunction turn off the computer and contact specialists who have relevant work experience.

   Why choose us for data recovery.
Data Recovery Expert is a local, yearly renovated, with main powerful laboratory in Calgary Canada, Alberta. You are served by experienced  and certified technicians who know and love their job. All parts are included in price (pay for data recovery process only). We work without prepayments.

   Diagnosis process:
Diagnostics is absolutely free.
Our specialists will indicate the damage, cost and timing of data recovery.
If you do not have a chance to come to us, order free shipping/pickup.

   Should you have any questions feel free call us for more information and price understanding.We do data recovery and data migration from all
Windows OS system based computers, Laptop and even cellphones.
Call us/email us for more information


1. Data transfer $100+ GST Per drive or device.
If Your computer works good without any issues.

2. Logical data recovery. Formatted partition, Erased data (this is not forensic case),small bad blocks on hard drive, other small problems.
Price:  $250-350 + GST

3. Logical data recovery from: Encrypted, Bitlocker partition, formatted, corrupted, damaged or overwritten partition,
Price:  $400-900 + GST

You can see other more detailed prices in the category of drives related to your device. Like if your computer have hard drive then check hard drive prices.
If you device have SSD check SSD data recovery prices.
Call us for free consultation.

No data no charge and free evaluation policy.

Data recovery Speed:

1. Turnaround time 10-15 business days - regular price
2. Turnaround time 4-8 business days - + 50% to regular price
3. Turnaround time 24 hours-2 business days - +100 %regular price

Windows OS data migration
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